Who we are

ordinary crowd with extraordinary passion.

Multi-taskers, idea generators, creative spirits, corporate people, digital minds.

We are a team
of thinkers and doers.

Think and do. The process of Anirot’s work is based on the joined work of a team of thinkers and doers. Graphic designers and website developers, video crews and strategy experts all work with and for Anirot to deliver the highest quality of services. The way we do business is simple: we have a permanent team but also work with experts in different fields to bring amazing ideas to life. 


An entrepreneurial mindset and an understanding of creating business from ideas jotted on napkins to hard-core innovation management.


Diversifying services and products and initiating new action for valuable impact and sustained growth.

Digital Creatives

Living online with a flair for good content, high aesthetics and great design.

Corporate People

Creative and digital minds combined with corporate knowledge and expertise, producing thought leadership marketing and strategies to set you at the forefront.


Bringing people that matter together to create synergies, collaborations and life-long teams.


People of the crowd, of global developments and current affairs, of real relationships and true value.