Brand Matters: how the global pandemic highlights the value of branding

The global coronavirus pandemic has brought about major upheavals in the way companies and brands now manage their communication planning. The process of ‘redefining focus’, i.e. the redefinition of goals and strategy, is one of the most crucial and important actions for all organizations. It is widely acknowledged that the pandemic has significantly affected the future buying behavior of consumers. Businesses are called upon to reposition themselves in a new context that will see a holistic plan for communication, marketing and public relations

In order for an organization to be able to cope with adverse conditions which present good opportunities to those who have their eyes and ears open, they must deal with themselves. We often see companies with static evolution, which in times of economic, political or health threat are lost or they simply lose it. It is important to have a complete brand audit, which often gives answers to questions such as whether one is related to its audience and whether it clearly reflects the values it wants to represent. Our organisation has a strong element of communication and planning strategy, and we have informed all our clients about the new data and guided them through Brand Crisis Management, a process at all levels, for all the actions we should plan in order to continue to be considered game-changers in their field

Businesses are called upon to re-evaluate themselves (their brand), and to add value to what we call brand equity (the value of their brand). Most of our clients seek dialogue to continually improve their branding, whether it’s a holistic rebranding approach or a more conservative refresh process – and always as a horizontal strategy, as a dynamic process that guides all marketing, communication and public relations actions