NEMA Construction


WorkBranding and design, logo design, content and storytelling
ClientNEMA Construction
IndustryProperty Development/Real Estate

NEMA Construction

NEMA Construction is a boutique construction company specialising in residential projects, including apartment buildings and villas. The client has had a multi-year presence in the industry and never engaged in branding or design work for its own brand. 

We were engaged to create the client’s Brand Book, including all graphic design assets such as stationery and applications, guided by the design and color scheme of the newly invented logo. We have taken a modern approach which is defined by the company’s robust presence and impeccable reputation. The logo’s clean lines represent the structure and design of its projects. 

With the delivery of the Brand Book, we created the company’s Corporate Profile, including all content and design work. The Corporate Profile is the first showcase of the upgraded NEMA brand, containing information on the company, the Cyprus Investment Programme as well as a series of project descriptions.