EU funding: EP4U project

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Project Description

EP4U (European Parliament for You) is a project co-funded by the European Parliament and Sigma T.V. in Cyprus. Our team wrote the proposal, including the design of the work flow, Work Packages and actions to be included.

 The principal objective of EP4U is to communicate the EP’s active involvement in fields that matter to EU citizens and disseminate information and promote dialogue about EP’s activities, particularly in relation to specific topics of interest, the work of MEPs on these topics and the role of the EP in enabling and empowering youth participation and active citizenship through an open and transparent system. The fields of application for EP4U involve TV and online media, supported also by radio.
EP4U deals with six main topics throughout the course of the project’s lifecycle. Each month is devoted to a specific theme of interest, bringing to the fore key development policies of the European Union and the European Parliament in specific. The respective EP Committees work is  presented in relation to the related topic of each month. The themes have been chosen in accordance with the agenda of the EP and current topics.