Blue Limassol Forum

Oceans, seas and coasts. A Blue City relies on its seascape and watercourse; these are the elements that have a transformative effect on the urban landscape and the municipal policies that define it, bringing citizens closer to a definite idea of how they might live.

Castles, fortified walls and monuments of value. The medieval Limassol Castle is a reference point for travelers that stand still in time and who transcend geographies; just like the city itself, the Castle is more than a place. It is a feeling of intangible and eternal presence, shaping Limassol and defining the modern urban landscape, giving roots and origin to the seascape below.

Sun, light, transparency. Limassol is a place under the sun, emulating an almost elusive scene of a place where people soak and dry as a lifetime necessity. The sun offers clarity together with impressive vistas of the city, transforming Limassol into a bright collection of citizens who care about sustained change.

ClientBlue Limassol Forum
WorkConcept & Logo Design

Blue Limassol Forum

When Frederick University and Limassol Municipality, the organisers of Blue Limassol Forum (an annual initiative by the Mayor) asked us to design a logo that would stand in time and represent all of the city’s major elements that make it stand out as a blue city, our team thought progressively: what is it that defines a Blue City and how is Limassol aiming to be represented in coming years? Resembling a linear shape of the sea wave, Limassol castle and the sun, Limassol’s unique characteristics as a leading commercial and shipping centre and a major coastal port city in the SE Mediterranean are all present for the user to explore.